Michael Cudlitz, Joins Kings of Con Creators Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, JR For Live After-Show

Michael Cudlitz, Joins Kings of Con Creators Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, JR For Live After-Show

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Red Carpet Report reporters, Rachel Greninger and Jennifer Ortega, recently attended a live taping of the Kings of Con’s after show, Kings of CONversation. The show is hosted by Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, JR.

Red Carpet reporters Rachel and Jennifer got the chance to chat with Rob and Rich after the show, scroll down for their interview:

JO: How did Kings of Con get started?

RB: Well, we got the attention from Lionsgate because of our Indiegogo campaign. We raised money with Indiegogo to film the pilot. We raised $300,00 in 7 days. It was crazy. JO: That’s amazing.

RB: Lionsgate heard about that and they wanted to be a part of it. So the pilot was funded by our fans and the next nine episodes were funded by Lionsgate. It was a great way to get fans involved and vested and it was a great way to attract attention. But we did not plan on it getting that big. We thought we would just make the pilot and then send that out. We got press from the funding.

JO: Was the after show always a part of Kings Of Con?

RB: When we first started talking to Comic-ConHQ they like the idea of Rich and I doing a late night type of show. Which eventually might happen in the future because I think this has gone really well. But they also started talking about this after show so we combined both ideas.

RG: So for the folks that don’t know the difference between filming a live show and filming a staged show, how do you have to adapt for that?

RB:The guest stars that we have on….it’s a different thing. It adds a different element. It’s almost like drinking an energy soda.

RS: It also feeds the beast of the live con experience and we wanted the live show to feel like what he and I do, town to town , stage to stage. So we brought Rob’s band in (Louden Swain). We utilize them heavily. We pulled in friends to the show, people that we’ve known for a long time. Jay Lund, the announcer, we’ve known each other for 20 years. We went back to our roots in terms of pulling in great people.


JO: You guys are amazing. The show is amazing.

RB: Thank you so much.

RS: Thank you!

ABOUT KINGS OF CON –  A Single Camera Comedy Series Created by and Starring Rob Benedict & Richard Speight, Jr. Thanks to their pivotal roles on the hit CW show Supernatural, Richard Speight, Jr. (Band of Brothers, Justified, etc.) and Rob Benedict (Felicity, Waiting, etc.) have become regulars on the fan convention circuit. Now, after years of appearing at airport hotels across the country and abroad, they’ve created Kings of Con, a single camera comedy inspired by their real experiences that goes beyond the autograph lines and photo ops to what really makes the cons crazy and unpredictable – the actors paid to be there. It’s Broad City meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with the comedic honesty of Louie as Richard and Rob play caricatures of themselves cavorting through the con world: Rich, thrice divorced former actor whose love of the game is fueled by the faux fame he experiences at the hands of a gaggle fans who still think he matters, and Rob, a divorcee-to-be who is back on the circuit to cover the costs of his failed marriage and stalled career. Scripted content mixed with improv, and Rich and Rob’s razor sharp interplay all fuel the spirit of the show, backed by supporting / guest cast of other actors from across the Hollywood spectrum Rob and Richard have come to know over the course of their 20 year careers.