Cinepocalypse Festival to screen new documentaries on The Monster Squad and Bill Murray

Cinepocalypse Festival to screen new documentaries on The Monster Squad and Bill Murray

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In 2016, your writer had the pleasure of attending Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival in Chicago. Among the highlights? A screening of 1987’s The Monster Squad with director Fred Dekker and cast members in attendance. Two years on, the festival has mutated into an event known as Cinepocalypse whose just-released lineup includes Wolfman’s Got Nards, a documentary about Dekker’s beloved horror-comedy. Other films screening at the festival include the Kate Bosworth-starring post-apocalytpic movie The Domestics, another documentary called The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mystical Man, the near-future SYFY Films thriller Hover, and the killer clown movie Gags, which stars genre favorite Lauren Ashley Carter.

“I would call it a horror-comedy,” Carter recently told EW. “It’s really interesting. “These guys did this short film called Gags and it went viral. They had this clown walking around Wisconsin and it blew up. People kept asking them, ‘What are you doing with Gags? When is the feature happening?’ They hadn’t really planned on making one, but they had so much interest in it, they said, ‘Alright, let’s write a script!’ We had some test screenings that went really well, so I’m excited about that.”

Cinepocalypse’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to filmmaker Ernest R. Dickerson (Demon Knight); director Lana Wachowski will attend a screening of her and her sister Lilly’s 1996 thriller, Bound; and film critics Drew McWeeny and Scott Weinberg will host a live version of their podcast ’80s All Over with special guest Jonah Ray, from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

As previously announced, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson and cowriter C. Robert Cargill are Co-Presidents of the 2018 Feature Film Jury.

Cinepocalypse will take place June 21-28, at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre. More information about the festival is available at the Music Box Theatre website.