Fast N’ Loud New Season Going Big In 2017

Fast N’ Loud New Season Going Big In 2017

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Discovery gave us a 2 hour Fast N Loud special for Christmas. In 2017 they are giving us even more and pushing the monkeys to the limit.

No worries about Monday Night Football withdrawal, starting January 16th we get a new season of Fast N Loud! The adventures of the Gas Monkey crew are shaping up to bring more fireworks to Monday nights. From the sounds of it, Richard Rawlings might have finally bit off more than he can chew.

Right out of the gate, Richard and Aaron come across a very special 55 Chevy that has Richard seeing dollar signs. As usual, Richards visions of auction glory mean lots of work back at the shop for the monkeys. With the deadline for the Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction fast approaching, Richard’s dreams could turn into a money pit.

Just when you think the garage has all it can handle, Richard challenges the boys again. It is time for Gas Monkey Garage to build another race car. Not for time trials, but to hit the track. Who is up to take on the screaming monkey in 2017?

January on Discovery is about to get a big boost. With new episodes of Fast N Loud to go along with Diesel Brothers, get the popcorn and your favorite frosty beverage ready. I can only hope that the powers that be at Discovery Channel see their way to get these two together for an off-road challenge at some point! Until then, dig in and enjoy the new season of Fast N Loud starting January 16th.