Khloé Kardashian On Talk Show Lessons Learned From Kris Jenner – TCA

Khloé Kardashian On Talk Show Lessons Learned From Kris Jenner – TCA

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At the top of her TCA panel for her new FYI show Kocktails With Khloé, Khloé Kardashian promptly was asked about physical state of her spouse Lamar Odom. “He’s good,” she answered before launching into a lengthy explanation of her show. However, “good” wasn’t enough, so when prodded further, Kardashian explained: “It’s not my story to tell. I want him to tell that story. I’m proud of his strength and so grateful for everyone’s love and concern because I think it’s coming from a good place.”

Even though Kardashian was here to plug her show, the TCA press room had more burning questions: What does she think of her family’s portrayal on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming FX series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson? Has she seen it?

“I would definitely like to see (the show),” she said. “My mom [Kris Jenner] and Selma Blair became really good friends, and my mom helped out a little bit with the some of the other characters on the show.” Overall, Kardashian didn’t appear overly concerned about how the family was painted on the series. Spoiler: In the show, the little Kardashian moppets are enthralled by their father, Rob Kardashian’s public image during the crisis. In one particular episode he even lectures his kids on how “fame is fleeting.”

Kardashian’s Kocktails With Khloé — which marks the first time FYI has presented at TCA — taped in a LA studio sans a studio audience. Premiering at 10 PM January 20, it’s a talk show of sorts, whereby Kardashian invites celebrity guests to join her for a dinner party. The show was inspired by the soirees she throws at home, complete with party games. Because of its late-night hour, she promises risque conversations. How so? Well, there are hidden cameras on the set. “Everyone puts their guard down when a camera isn’t in their face, especially after a few glasses of alcohol,” said Kardashian. The guest list hasn’t been announced yet.

“These will be people from different walks of life. Still, I want the conversations to be raw, gritty and natural,” said Kardashian, who also promised to serve up her “Khloé coming to Jesus” moments.

When asked if she learned anything from her mother — specifically Jenner’s 2013 failed syndicated talk show Kris — Khloe skirted the question, responding: “My mom is definitely someone I learn something from in business. With our talk show, it was important to be authentic. That’s why Kocktails With Khloé was mimicked off of an organic conversation that (EP) Craig (Piligian) and I had. These are the dinner conversations we have at my parties, where we play these fun interactive games.”

“What games do you play?” asked one sweater clad journo in his 60s.

“We have 50 games to choose from,” said Kardashian, “There’s 21 Questions. Every holiday we play this, and we write questions that we want to know from others. Or we’ll tell a story about the past.”

Kardashian serves as EP on the show as well along with Gena McCarthy and Craig Piligian. McCarthy is the SVP Programming and Development for FYI. Piligian is the president and CEO of Pilgrim Media Group.