Mischa Collins Cooks Dinner With A Monkey in Kings of Con Season Finale Preview

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On SupernaturalMisha Collins rarely gets the opportunity to show off his comedic side. His fan favorite character Castiel gets a few funny moments here and there, but those hoping to see the true heights of Collins’ comic prowess should tune into Comic-Con HQ’s Kings of Con.

Ahead of this Tuesday’s season finale of Kings of Con, we’ve got an advance clip of Collins’ guest appearance as Doug. A regular guy who just happens to be cooking dinner with his monkey, Angus. Like you do. We see in this video that Rob (Rob Benedict) desperately needs Doug to up his credit limit after he makes some incredibly bad spending decisions. As it turns out, Doug is such a big supporter of Rob’s career that he’s still holding out hope for his guest appearance on a sitcom that ended 13 years ago!

For those who are only first hearing of the show, Kings of Con is a series created by veteran Supernatural guest stars Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, who also star in the series as fictionalized versions of themselves who travel the convention circuit across the country. It’s a scripted comedy, with a little bit of improv as Benedict and Speight share some of their wildest Con experiences through their unique comedic lens. The previous episodes are currently available to watch on Comic-Con HQ, and the season finale of Kings of Con will premiere on Tuesday, January 17. We’re hoping to see more from the show down the line!