Soufra Documentary Wins Best Arabic Feature Documentary and Cinema for Humanity Audience Prize at El Gouna Film Festival

We’re honored to announce that Soufra – Film— our first documentary film collaboration at Pilgrim Media Group with Rebelhouse Group won  Best Arabic Feature Documentary and the Cinema for Humanity Audience Prize during its world premiere at El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt.  Congratulations to Mariam Shaar for allowing us to tell her incredible journey as the world’s most unlikely entrepreneur straight out of Burj al Barajneh- the world’s oldest refugee camp.  Congrats to Thomas Morgan, Trevor Hall, Kathleen Glynn, Daisy MohrMicho Monastery, Jenelle Lindsay and thank you to this amazing freshman festival for such an auspicious launch. Thank you Egypt. Rest of the world, here we come! Read the full list of awards in Egyptian Independent here.