“I do a show called Ultimate Fighter, and it is the most violent show on TV. These guys fight, and you see some of the most horrific injuries,” The Ultimate Fighter producer, Craig Piligian told The Hollywood Reporter during their Reality Roundtable.

Piligian discusses what it is like to be that up close the brutal trauma, and what it takes the be the person calling the shots. “Everybody’s got to keep their heads real calm. Get the guys in there that know what they’re doing. You’ve got to really think in logical steps how you’re going to handle those kinds of situations.”

He says he isn’t above airing the injuries. “You gotta,” says the producer. “We’ve air ankles that have just snapped in half.”

“I got to every fight,” Piligian told the Roundtable. “I go to every single fight on UltimateFighter. It’s a serious business. It’s an absolute serious business.”

There was one instance he shares, where getting injured on Ultimate Fighter actually resulted in saving a contestant’s life. “We have to MRI everyone who gets concussed, and one year we had a kid who had an aneurysm. And you sit them down and say, ‘look, kid. You’ve got a brain aneurysm. You’ve got to go get that repaired. Looks like it can be repaired. Here’s a doctor.'” Without the show, Piligan says, “he would have never found out. An MRI is 10,000 bucks, and kids don’t do it.”

Piligian also confessed his favorite reality show to watch. “I like Housewives. I mean, occasionallyHousewives is fun to watch, cause they’re a little nutty.”

Piligian joined Nigel Lythgoe (So You Think You Can Dance), Mark Burnett (Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice), Julie Chen (Big Brother), CatDeeley (SoYou Think You Can Dance), and BertramvanMunster (The Amazing Race) for the Roundtable, where the producers and hosts shared on what it takes to create content that has lasted for over a decade in a genre that seemed like a fad.

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