Watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Premiere Sneak Peek!

Watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Premiere Sneak Peek!

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A surprising revelation. Whitney Way Thore is shocked to learn that her crush and former colleague Roy is in a relationship on My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Tuesday, January 24, season 4 premiere, as seen in Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek.

The TLC series’ preview clip shows Thore, 32, returning to the radio station where she was an intern last season. “I’ve kept in touch with Maney, LauRen and especially Roy, who are the hosts of the morning show at Kiss 95.1, where I interned,” she tells the camera.

Thore hugs the Charlotte, North Carolina, morning show’s team and wastes no time revealing her relationship status. “Let me lubricate this conversation — you know I’m single now,” she tells the group. (She and boyfriend Lennie Alehat split up during season 3.)

Thore asks Roy if he’s dating anyone and is stunned when the radio personality divulges that he is in fact attached. When the other hosts are confused as to why Thore is so surprised, she says of Roy’s communication with her, “Maybe it’s the text messages of the mountains and the beach and all that kinds of stuff. I thought the implication was, ‘Wish you were here.'”

“I am shocked,” the reality star tells the camera. “I’m upset. I feel like he’s kind of taken me for a ride. Because don’t make me pull up the texts.” Thore then scrolls through his previous messages to her and asks, “I want someone to tell me if this level of communication is normal for a man who is not interested in you.”

Watch the awkward clip hereMy Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4 premieres on TLC Tuesday, January 24, at 9 p.m. ET.