Heidi Fleiss Prostitutes To Parrots

Heidi Fleiss Prostitutes To Parrots

A look into the current life of infamous former Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss as she struggles to balance work, home and sobriety in this bizarre and heartwarming docu-drama for Animal Planet.

Living in Pahrump, Nevada with twenty rare, exotic macaws, Heidi seems happier than ever, but the expense of taking care of these beloved birds has her stretched to her limits.

In order to take care of her birds, Heidi has a plethora of (legal) businesses that she hopes will take off. But without people at home to help take care of these birds, Heidi is unable to spend time on her latest business venture: a high end Doggie Day Care center in Las Vegas. With the grand opening rapidly approaching, can Heidi handle the pressure without turning back to drugs?


Animal Planet

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