“Out here, it’s a battle, man!” In Pilgrim’s first Netflix series, we follow five ships over the course of a rough fishing season. Each captain is faced with dangerous obstacles in the open seas and each will find their own way to reel in the catch. But when the nets come back empty and the waves look deadly, they will all have to go to battle to survive.



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    RT @ghosthunters: OFFICIAL TRAILER: The #GhostHunters travel to a town with a dark history and full of paranormal experiences on the two ho…

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    It's a race for fish when the market threatens to close on a brand new Wicked Tuna - Sunday at 9! #WickedTuna

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    RT @StreetOutlaws: The Carolina Kid show up talkin' — "small tires, no wheelie bar, I run." Well, you gonna have to race the Queen with tho…

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    History was meant to be Driven... A new series comes to @Discovery - this Monday, March 30th!