Power Slap: Road To The Title

Power Slap: Road To The Title

The UFC’s Dana White is back with a new league that’s a real stunner. In Power Slap: Road To The Title, competitors from all across the globe come together in Las Vegas, Nevada for the world’s premiere slap fighting organization.

One at a time, fighters take turns slapping the ever-loving s%$# out of each other until only one remains standing.


  • Dana White
    Dana White

    Dana White

    Dana White

    Dana White is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and the President of mixed martial arts organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).




Wednesday January 24th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday January 17th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday September 27th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday September 13th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday September 6th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday August 30th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday August 23rd, 9/8c PM

Wednesday August 16th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday August 9th, 9/8c PM

Friday July 21st, 9/8c PM

Friday July 14th, 9/8c PM

Friday July 7th, 9/8c PM

Wednesday March 8th, 10/9c PM

"The Best Rose to the Top"

Wednesday March 1st, 10/9c PM

"Greatest Slap of All Time"

Wednesday February 22nd, 10/9c PM

"The Next Round"

Wednesday February 15th, 10/9c PM

"A Top Dog"

Wednesday February 8th, 10/9c PM

"The Real Deal"

Wednesday February 1st, 10/9c PM

"The Pressure is On"

Wednesday January 25th, 10/9c PM

"Slap-Off Elimination Day"

Wednesday January 18th, 10/9c PM

"Road to the Title"

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