Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings summons all-star racers from all over the Outlaw family – including OKC’s Ryan Martin, Chuck Seitsinger, Doc, Dominator and Reaper, along with New Orleans’ Kye Kelley, Scott Taylor and Jerry Bird – and also features other no prep superstars, including Birdman, Swamp Thing and Megalodon. Each episode boasts a new matchup in a different U.S. city, where massive crowds gather to cheer on their favorite STREET OUTLAWS contender. The OKC crew will lay it all on the line and test their skills on these unfamiliar tracks – but can they protect their winning legacy?


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Monday February 20th, 10/9c PM

"Alabama International Dragway"

Monday February 13th, 10/9c PM

"Summit Motorsports Park"

Monday February 6th, 10/9c PM

"Tucson Dragway"

Monday January 30th, 10/9c PM

"Houston Raceway"

Monday December 26th, 9/8c PM

Monday December 26th, 8/7c PM

Monday December 19th, 9/8c PM

Monday December 19th, 8/7c PM

Monday December 12th, 9/8c PM

"Go for Broke"

Monday December 12th, 8/7c PM

"Nervous Breakdown"

Monday December 5th, 9/8c PM

"Chasing Ryan"

Monday December 5th, 8/7c PM

"No Grudges"

Monday November 28th, 9/8c PM

"The Mile High Club"

Monday November 28th, 8/7c PM

"Hot Air"

Monday November 21st, 9/8c PM

"Upset in the Desert"

Monday November 21st, 8/7c PM

"Sick Ride"

Monday November 14th, 9/8c PM

"What a Shocker"

Monday November 14th, 8/7c PM

"Holy Shocker"

Monday November 7th, 9/8c PM

"Hot Mess"

Monday November 7th, 8/7c PM

"Heated in Houston"

Monday October 31st, 9/8c PM

"Weather or Not"

Monday October 31st, 8/7c PM

"Hurts So Good"

Monday October 24th, 8/7c PM

"New Racer on the Block"

Monday October 24th, 11/10c PM

"Locals Only"

Monday October 17th, 8/7c PM

"Little Bit of Contact"

Monday October 17th, 11/10c PM

The Great Eight: "Failed Test"

Monday October 10th, 8/7c PM

"Luck of the Draw"

Monday October 10th, 11/10c PM

The Great Eight: "All is Fair in Love and Racing"

Monday October 3rd, 8/7c PM

"Break Up That Foursome"

Monday October 3rd, 11/10c PM

The Great Eight: "In a Groove"

Monday September 26th, 8/7c PM

"Watch Your Back"

Monday September 26th, 11/10c PM

The Great Eight: "Rainstorm Rebuild"

Monday September 19th, 8/7c PM

"Let the No Prepping Begin"

Monday September 19th, 11/10c PM

The Great Eight: "Eight is Enough"

Monday January 3rd, 8/7c PM

"Don't Let Up"

Monday December 13th, 8/7c PM

"X Gon Give it to Ya"

Monday December 13th, 12/11c AM

"Team Attack: NOLA Said Knock You Out"

Monday December 6th, 8/7c PM

"And the Fire Raged On"

Monday December 6th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack: Defend this House"

Monday November 29th, 8/7c PM

"Rule Breakers"

Monday November 29th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack: Disco on the Mountain"

Monday November 22nd, 8/7c PM

"Two for One Special"

Monday November 22nd, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack: Blown Away"

Monday November 15th, 8/7c PM

"A Little Help from My Friends"

Monday November 15th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack: All the Way Up"

Monday November 8th, 8/7c PM

"Breaking Point"

Monday November 8th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - Eyes on the Prize"

Monday November 1st, 8/7c PM

"Hot Mess"

Monday November 1st, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - X Factor"

Monday October 25th, 8/7c PM

"Slow Burn"

Monday October 25th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - Bring the Heat"

Tuesday October 19th, 8/7c PM

"Battle for the Crown"

Tuesday October 19th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - Good Marks"

Monday October 18th, 8/7c PM

"Not So Peachy State"

Monday October 18th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - New Rides, Old Foes"

Tuesday October 12th, 8/7c PM

"It Aint Easy Being Greasy"

Tuesday October 12th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - Slip Slidin' Away"

Monday October 11th, 8/7c PM

"Welcome Back to No Prep Kings"

Monday October 11th, 10/9c PM

"Team Attack - Palm Beach, FLA"

Monday May 3rd, 10/9c PM

"Boddies Beyond 1320"

Monday December 2nd, 8/7c PM

"Don't Choke"

Monday November 25th, 8/7c PM

“Fireball Flameout”

Monday November 18th, 9/8c PM

"Texas Tumblers"

Monday November 11th, 9/8c PM

“Mile-High Mischief”

Monday November 4th, 8/7c PM

"Game Time"

Monday October 28th, 9/8c PM

“Lock it Up”

Monday October 21st, 9/8c PM

"The Crow Also Rises"

Monday October 14th, 9/8c PM

"NOLA Rising"

Monday October 7th, 9/8c PM

"Win One for the Team"

Monday September 30th, 10/9c PM

"United We Stand"

Monday March 11th, 8/7c PM

“The Final Round”

Monday March 4th, 9/8c PM

"Go, Go, Go Galot!"

Monday February 25th, 9/8c PM

"Defend Ohio"

Monday February 11th, 9/8c PM

“Attitude and Altitude”

Monday February 4th, 9/8c PM

"Speed Palace Royalty"

Monday January 14th, 9/8c PM

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Monday January 7th, 10/9c PM

“Season 2 Breakdown”

Wednesday April 4th, 9/8c PM

Lone Star Raincheck

Wednesday March 21st, 9/8c PM

Texas Takedown

Wednesday March 14th, 9/8c PM

Ready, Set, Re-do

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