Hoffman Family Gold

Hoffman Family Gold

All fans of Discovery’s Gold Rush will recognize Todd Hoffman as the original gold miner who helped launch a huge franchise. Four years ago Todd left his tumultuous gold-mining career to focus on his family. But now he is back and ready to strike gold once again!  
This time, Todd is banking his future mining career on turning around a rundown mine way off the grid 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska. With Alaska’s unforgiving weather, rookie crews, and beat up equipment, the mine is struggling to keep operations going. Trying to save this mine is a big gamble for Todd, but if he is successful, he will secure the mining rights for the next decade and could build a family legacy. Speaking of family, this show includes Todd’s dad, Jack, and son, Hunter. Hence the name Hoffman Family Gold


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Friday June 28th, 9/8c PM

"Jack's Gold Dream"

Friday June 21st, 9/8c PM

"Quarter-Million Dollar Cleanup"

Friday June 14th, 9/8c PM

"Richer by the Ounce"

Friday September 8th, 8/7c PM

"The Lost Rescue"

Friday September 1st, 9/8c PM

"Emptying the Tank"

Friday August 25th, 9/8c PM

"Todd's Lost Chance"

Friday August 4th, 9/8c PM

"Hold My Gear"

Friday July 21st, 9/8c PM

"Burst World Problems"

Friday July 14th, 9/8c PM

"Pirates of the Tundra"

Friday July 7th, 9/8c PM

"Rock Blocked"

Friday June 30th, 9/8c PM

"Mine on the Line"

Friday June 23rd, 9/8c PM

"Big Iron, Bigger Problems"

Friday June 16th, 9/8c PM

"Hoff to a Rough Start"

Friday June 3rd, 8/7c PM

Friday May 27th, 8/7c PM

Friday May 20th, 8/7c PM

"Big Risk, Big Reward"

Friday May 13th, 8/7c PM

Friday May 6th, 8/7c PM

Friday April 29th, 8/7c PM

"Ice Ice Baby"

Friday April 22nd, 8/7c PM

"Fortune in the Wash"

Friday April 15th, 8/7c PM

"Dad to the Bone"

Friday April 8th, 8/7c PM


Friday April 1st, 8/7c PM

"Cleaning Up a Hot Mess"

Friday March 25th, 10/9c PM

"Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue"

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