Street Outlaws: Memphis

Street Outlaws: Memphis

After years of rivalry with the Street Outlaws OKC Crew, JJ Da Boss and his Memphis Team are back with their own series, STREET OUTLAWS MEMPHIS! This is not the track, this is the street and Memphis won’t stop until they’re the best of the best. They’ve got their own unique set of rules, but aren’t afraid to bend them to take home the win.

Big bets, fast cars, and fiery feuds light up the Memphis streets, but be careful what wagers you make in this town or you might go home barefoot…


  • JJ Da Boss
    JJ Da Boss

    JJ Da Boss

    JJ Da Boss

    Born and raised in the Memphis area, JJ had to hustle for everything he has. He has loved muscle cars since he was very young and JJ and his friends grew up racing every car they had in the streets of Memphis and Arkansas. Today, JJ leads a group of street racers who act like a family, but are all about the hustle. They’re fast talkers who aren’t afraid to bend the rules slightly to take home the money, and JJ is, by far, the best talker of the group. If you’re betting with JJ, you better be careful or you’ll end up barefoot in the streets of Memphis.

  • Tricia



    Don’t judge this racer by her petite size, she’s fast at the light and can run with the best of them, even her husband and the Memphis team leader, JJ Da Boss.

  • Precious



    Precious is the mean-talking queen of the streets on the Memphis crew. She grew up in the world of street racing and has always been fascinated by it, though it wasn’t until later in her life that she got behind the wheel herself. Driving changed her life forever and now she’s never looking back.


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Monday October 4th, 8/7c PM

"Six-Figure Shootout"

Monday September 27th, 8/7c PM

"$75,000 and Counting"

Monday September 20th, 8/7c PM

"Boddie's Back"

Monday September 13th, 8/7c PM

"Come One, Come All"

Monday September 6th, 8/7c PM

"Ring My Bell"

Monday August 30th, 8/7c PM

"Raising Arizona"

Monday August 23rd, 8/7c PM

"Going Local"

Monday August 16th, 8/7c PM

"Boogie Nights"

Monday August 9th, 8/7c PM

"Lost in Paradise"

Monday July 26th, 8/7c PM

"Big Chief in a Little Duck"

Monday July 19th, 8/7c PM

"Viva MSO"

Monday October 12th, 8/7c PM

"Show Up or Shut Up"

Monday September 21st, 8/7c PM

"Mile High Memphis"

Monday September 14th, 8/7c PM

"Hustle and Flow"

Monday August 31st, 8/7c PM

"Gambling Over Grudges"

Monday August 24th, 8/7c PM

"Don't Rain On My Parade"

Monday August 17th, 8/7c PM

"Holding a Grudge"

Monday August 3rd, 8/7c PM

"Smooth as Tennessee"

Monday July 27th, 8/7c PM

"Shake N Bake"

Monday July 20th, 8/7c PM

"Stealing Purses"

Monday July 13th, 8/7c PM

"From Memphis to Cali"

Monday July 6th, 8/7c PM

"State Lines"

Monday June 15th, 8/7c PM

"Tired of Big Tire"

Monday June 8th, 8/7c PM

"Block Buster"

Monday June 1st, 8/7c PM

"Yeager Bombs"

Monday May 18th, 8/7c PM

"Sooner Than Later"

Monday May 11th, 8/7c PM

"Beat Me in St Louis"

Monday May 4th, 8/7c PM

"Texas Toast"

Monday April 27th, 8/7c PM

"Texas Roadhouse"

Monday April 13th, 8/7c PM

"The Memphis Tea Party"

Monday April 6th, 8/7c PM

"35 to 1"

Monday March 30th, 8/7c PM

"Meet Virginia"

Monday November 18th, 8/7c PM

"Appalachian Accidents"

Monday November 11th, 8/7c PM

“Arm Drop in Appalachia”

Monday October 28th, 8/7c PM

“Small Tire Mountaineers”

Monday October 21st, 8/7c PM

"Mid Atlantic Meltdown"

Monday October 14th, 8/7c PM

"A Precious Chevelle"

Monday October 7th, 8/7c PM

"Grassroots Racin'"

Monday September 30th, 8/7c PM

"Everyone Pays"

Monday September 23rd, 8/7c PM

"Get that Money Out Sucka"

Monday March 18th, 9/8c PM

"Airstrip Arm Drop" Special Episode

Monday January 7th, 9/8c PM

“Unseen Races”

Monday December 17th, 9/8c PM

"Bad Boyz for Life"

Monday December 10th, 9/8c PM

"Bet on Memphis"

Monday December 3rd, 9/8c PM

"Arms Drop, Friendships Stop"

Monday November 26th, 9/8c PM

“Desert Do-Over”

Monday November 19th, 9/8c PM

“Hustler’s Paradise”

Monday November 12th, 9/8c PM

"Damn the DMV"

Monday November 5th, 9/8c PM

Big Apple, Big Mouths

Monday October 29th, 9/8c PM

Pennsylvania Mania

Tuesday October 23rd, 11/10c PM

Tricia Fights Back

Monday October 22nd, 9/8c PM

Put Your Life on the Line

Monday October 15th, 9/8c PM

SPECIAL: "What Makes a Man"

Tuesday March 6th, 10/9c PM

Memphis Money

Tuesday February 27th, 10/9c PM

Memphis Money

Tuesday February 20th, 10/9c PM

Rock N' Roll

Tuesday February 13th, 10/9c PM

Flashlights and Streetlights

Tuesday February 6th, 10/9c PM

What Happens In Vegas..

Monday January 29th, 10/9c PM

Accidents Happen

Monday January 22nd, 10/9c PM

Doughboy Fresh

Monday January 15th, 10/9c PM

Memphis Against the World

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