Bring It!

Bring It!

“Bring It!” shines a spotlight on the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. Coach Dianna Williams (aka “Miss D”) and her Dancing Dolls troupe refuse to lose, pushing themselves to the limit each week in the relentless pursuit of victory. Every pump, thrust and high kick on “Bring It!” highlights the triumphs and struggles of intense competition, where errors aren’t tolerated, mediocrity isn’t excused and only a win is acceptable.


  • Dianna "Miss D" Williams
    Dianna "Miss D" Williams

    Dianna "Miss D" Williams

    Dianna "Miss D" Williams

    Mrs. Dianna Williams has been dancing since the age of four-years-old. Over the years Mrs. Williams has taken several dance classes including classes with Angie Luke School of Dance such as Ballet, Ballet Point, Beginner and Advanced Jazz, Modern Dance, Belly Dance, and Beginner and Advanced Tap. She was also a member of the Eye of the Tiger Drill Team from 82-88, a member of the Dancing Dolls Drill Team 89-91 & Captain of the California State Dominguez Hills University Cheerleading Squad from 97-98. She is also the Instructor/ Sponsor/ Choreographer of the Dancing Dolls Dance Team, which was established on August 20, 2001 at Pied Piper Playhouse, Founder/Choreographer for the Grove Park Dancerettes 2002-2004, Choreographer for the Callaway High School Chargettes 2006-2008, Founder/Choreographer for the Prancing Diamonds 2007, Vice President & Choreographer of the Jackson Association For Majorettes, Member of the JSU Modeling Squad, Sponsor/Costume designer for the Jackson State University Twirlers 2004-2009 & Jackson State University Banner Girls from 2007-present. Mrs. Williams graduated from Jackson State University in May 2005 earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. She is a former employee of the City of Jackson where she worked as a Recreation Aide and the Dance Instructor for the entire North side of Jackson. She began to build the Dance program at Grove Park in August of 2002. The most popular class was the Majorette Class. This class developed tremendous dancers and some evolved and became members of The Dance Team Grove Park Dancerettes in 2002-2004, members of their middle and high school dance teams, members of community groups and members of collegiate dance squads. The Dance Program at Grove Park grew and up to Mrs. William’s departure from the City of Jackson in June 2007 classes were offered for ages 5-18. Classes were offered: Beginner Jazz Funk, Hip-Hop, Beginner and Advanced Tap, Majorette Dance, Alternative Dance (Advanced Jazz & Advanced Majorette mixed), Pre- Tap & Pre- Jazz. Dianna’s greatest achievement in dance is Dancing Dolls, LLC. Dancing Dolls have grown to become a powerhouse organization that not only develops great dance techniques but great leaders and wonderful young entrepreneurs. Within her dance career, Mrs. Williams stepped out on faith and opened a dance studio of her very own in the heart of Jackson, Ms named Dollhouse Dance Factory. Dollhouse Dance Factory opened it doors on August 23, 2010 with 23 students enrolled in its 1st semester. As the studio grew, its 2nd semester embodied 45 students. To date, the Factory is in its 8th semester and has over 75 students enrolled.

    Mrs. Williams has and continues to teach all of her students the importance of a good education, persistence, determination, great self-esteem, respectable manners, and a positive self worth. She is a phenomenal mentor that excels not only in her dance ability but also in her abilities to be hardworking, dependable and extremely likeable. Dianna is a great individual, her work is valuable and she is an extreme asset to all dance teams and choreographers she comes into contact with.




Thursday March 21st, 9/8c PM

“Bring It Live! Detour”

Thursday March 14th, 9/8c PM

“The Seniors’ Last Battle”

Thursday March 7th, 9/8c PM

"Dancing Doll Heist"

Thursday February 28th, 9/8c PM

“Fan Chat: Breaking the Curse of the B-Squad”

Thursday February 21st, 9/8c PM

“A Star is Born”

Thursday February 14th, 9/8c PM

“A Boy, a Kiss, and a Choreographer”

Thursday February 7th, 9/8c PM

“Survival of the Fittest”

Thursday January 24th, 9/8c PM

"Dollhouse Abandoned"

Thursday January 17th, 9/8c PM

“No Boys Allowed?”

Thursday September 6th, 9/8c PM

"Clash of the Titans"

Thursday August 30th, 9/8c PM

"Three's a Crowd"

Thursday August 30th, 10/9c PM

"The Ultimate Captain's Battle"

Thursday August 23rd, 9/8c PM

"Who Wants to Be a Prop Star?"

Thursday August 23rd, 10/9c PM

"Grudge Match Gone Wrong"

Thursday August 16th, 9/8c PM

“Stands and Deliver”

Thursday August 16th, 10/9c PM

“Fan Chat: Dance for your Rights”

Friday April 6th, 9/8c PM

Banned For Life

Friday March 30th, 9/8c PM

B-Squad Goals

Friday March 23rd, 9/8c PM

Rivals United For A Cause

Friday March 16th, 9/8c PM

Let's Talk About Texts, Baby

Friday March 9th, 9/8c PM

The Sister Showdown

Friday March 2nd, 9/8c PM

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Monday January 29th, 9/8c PM

National Pressure

Friday January 26th, 9/8c PM

The Dolls' Last Chance

Friday January 19th, 9/8c PM

Doll Meets World

Friday January 12th, 9/8c PM

Stand Battle Shake-Up

Friday January 5th, 9/8c PM

Coach D Resigns

Friday December 15th, 9/8c PM

Battle For Oz

Friday December 8th, 9/8c PM

Hashtag Clapback

Friday December 1st, 9/8c PM

Rumble in the Jungle

Friday November 24th, 9/8c PM

Crossing the Line

Friday April 28th, 9/8c PM

Battle Royale: Up in Flames!

Friday April 21st, 9/8c PM

Deliver Us From Neva

Friday April 14th, 9/8c PM

Battle For Broadway

Friday April 7th, 9/8c PM

Lemons To Lemonade

Friday March 31st, 9/8c PM

La La Land

Friday March 10th, 9/8c PM

Black Ice Meltdown

Friday March 3rd, 6/5c PM

Attack of the B Squad

Friday April 1st, 9/8c PM

Spilling the Tea Reunion Special

Friday March 25th, 9/8c PM

Face The Music, It's the Finale

Friday March 18th, 9/8c PM

They're Coming For Us

Friday March 11th, 9/8c PM

Episode 11

Friday March 4th, 9/8c PM

3 Strikes, You're Out

Friday February 26th, 9/8c PM

Flash Mob Madness

Friday February 19th, 9/8c PM

Blow It Up

Friday February 12th, 9/8c PM

Bucking Bride

Friday February 5th, 9/8c PM

The Wicked Witch of Jackson

Friday January 29th, 9/8c PM

Rittany's Revolt

Friday January 22nd, 9/8c PM

Homecoming Hell

Friday January 15th, 9/8c PM

Hell Week

Friday January 8th, 9/8c PM

The Bucking Ballerina

Friday October 2nd, 8/7c PM

Bonus Round Special

Friday September 25th, 9/8c PM

Summer Slam

Friday September 18th, 9/8c PM

Tick, Tick, Boom!

Friday September 11th, 9/8c PM

Pom Pom Panic

Friday September 4th, 9/8c PM

Who You Callin' Cookie?

Friday August 21st, 9/8c PM

The Big Apple and The Bitter Apple

Friday August 14th, 9/8c PM

Selena's Makeover Madness

Friday August 7th, 9/8c PM

Dancing Dolls NOT For Life

Friday July 31st, 9/8c PM

A Whole New Doll Game

Friday May 1st, 9/8c PM

Rival Rehash

Friday April 24th, 9/8c PM

Battle Royale

Friday April 17th, 9/8c PM

Road to Royale

Friday April 10th, 9/8c PM


Friday April 3rd, 9/8c PM

Baby Tiger Attack

Friday March 27th, 9/8c PM

Don't Do It Neva

Friday March 20th, 9/8c PM

Captain Down

Friday March 13th, 9/8c PM

Traci's Revenge

Friday March 6th, 9/8c PM

Stamp Out Atlanta

Friday February 27th, 9/8c PM

No Stopping Kayla

Friday February 20th, 9/8c PM

Selena's Triple Threat

Friday February 13th, 9/8c PM

Bucking in Bama

Friday February 6th, 9/8c PM

Hometown Showdown

Friday January 30th, 9/8c PM

Miss D Loses Her Cool

Friday January 23rd, 9/8c PM

Miami Heat is Back

Thursday January 1st, 9/8c PM

Season Premiere

Wednesday October 1st, 8/7c PM

DD4L Road Trip Special

Wednesday September 24th, 9/8c PM

Chumps or Champions?

Wednesday September 17th, 9/8c PM

Bucking for Revenge

Wednesday September 10th, 9/8c PM

Dolls vs. Dollz

Wednesday September 3rd, 9/8c PM

Pray for Sunjai

Wednesday August 27th, 9/8c PM

Baby Dolls vs. Baby Tigerettes

Wednesday August 20th, 9/8c PM

Nashville Smackdown

Wednesday August 13th, 9/8c PM

Kayla's Big Surprise

Wednesday August 6th, 9/8c PM

A New Rival Emerges

Wednesday July 30th, 9/8c PM

Prom or Competition?

Wednesday July 23rd, 9/8c PM

So You Wanna Be A Doll?

Wednesday May 14th, 10/9c PM

Behind the Battles

Wednesday May 7th, 10/9c PM

Miss D Breaks It Down

Wednesday April 30th, 10/9c PM

Battle Royale

Wednesday April 23rd, 10/9c PM

The Lock-In

Wednesday April 16th, 10/9c PM

Shut Up and Dance

Wednesday April 9th, 10/9c PM

Street Battle

Wednesday April 2nd, 10/9c PM

Sunjai in Stilettos

Wednesday March 26th, 10/9c PM

Baby Doll Don't Mean Baby

Wednesday March 19th, 10/9c PM

The Wig Is Off

Wednesday March 12th, 10/9c PM

Battle In Memphis

Wednesday March 5th, 10/9c PM

You Better Bring It!

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