Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers

The world’s most renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer and its fearless leader return to television in Orange County Choppers, a new eight-episode series premiering on CMT November 16 at 9/8c. The show follows Orange County Choppers founder Paul “Senior” Teutul Sr. and his team as they reach new extremes resulting in mind-blowing bikes and state-of-the-art drama. Known for his mustache, tattooed biceps and sleeveless T-shirts, Senior has been at the helm of OCC for more than 10 years. In the ’70s, he was running a steel manufacturing business when he started building motorcycles as a hobby. In 1999, he turned his passion project into a fabrication shop he called Orange Country Choppers. Today, the company that began as a side operation has become a world-famous empire.


  • Paul Teutul Sr.
    Paul Teutul Sr.

    Paul Teutul Sr.

    Paul Teutul Sr.

    Known to the world as the massive and mustachioed father, in a sleeveless tee with tattooed biceps bulging, who owns a custom bike shop, thanks to Discovery Channel’s hit reality series American Chopper, Paul Teutul Sr. has been the forefront of Orange County Choppers for more than ten years. OCC originally started as a sideline to his steel manufacturing business, which was founded in the 1970’s. Paul Sr began building custom motorcycles on the side as a hobby and in 1999, he founded, the now world famous, Orange County Choppers.




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