Renovation Impossible

Renovation Impossible

Dallas-based contractor Russell J. Holmes helps clients on tight budgets rev up their stalled home renos. Russell, best known from Discovery’s Garage Rehab and Fast N’ Loud, salvages projects hampered by homeowners’ unrealistic expectations and opposing design visions. With more than 20 years of construction experience under his belt, Russell knows how to move quickly to keep costs low, where to spend strategically to get maximum results, and, with help from designer Paige Poupart, find savvy ways to thrift and repurpose items, delivering gorgeous results every time.





Thursday October 27th, 9/8c PM

"Burning Eyes, Busted Budgets"

Thursday October 20th, 9/8c PM

"Lackluster Lakehouse"

Thursday October 13th, 9/8c PM

"Sunken Living"

Thursday October 6th, 9/8c PM

"That 70's House"

Thursday September 29th, 9/8c PM

"Diamond in the Rough"

Thursday September 22nd, 9/8c PM

"Stuck in 1992"

Thursday September 15th, 9/8c PM

"Next Gen Reno"

Thursday September 8th, 9/8c PM

"From Junk to Gem"

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