Saving Private K-9

Saving Private K-9

Hosted by “The Gunny” R. Lee Ermey, Saving Private K-9 gives viewers the untold stories of our military and law enforcement unsung heroes: working canines. From Afghanistan to Vietnam, to our own soil, working dogs have protected their handlers and the teams they work with, and now it’s their time to shine.

The handlers of these canines finally get to share their stories. It’s important to remember that these citizens are every day people like you and I and they chose to march into the face of danger to protect our freedom.  Every member of our armed forces and law enforcement is important to the security of our country. Every servicemen, woman, and working dog is a hero, and their selflessness, honor and bravery should be applauded.


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Thursday June 4th, 9/8c PM

Officer Mark Rand and K9 Shadow

Thursday May 14th, 9/8c PM

Sgt. Kenneth Fischer and MWD Drak

Thursday April 30th, 9/8c PM

Chief Petty Officer Benito Olson and MWD Digo

Thursday April 23rd, 9/8c PM

Season 2 Premiere

Thursday June 26th, 8/7c PM

Marine SGT. Mark Vierig & Duc

Thursday June 19th, 8/7c PM

K9 Blitz & Assist Supt. Ken Ballinger

Thursday June 12th, 8/7c PM

SGT. Daniel Sandoval & Bony

Thursday June 5th, 8/7c PM

Deputy Richard Klaysmat & Kenzo

Thursday May 29th, 9/8c PM

Corporal Brittney Neer & Kota

Thursday May 29th, 8/7c PM

Johnny Mayo & Tiger

Thursday May 22nd, 9/8c PM

SGT. Marc Whittaker & Anax

Thursday May 22nd, 8/7c PM

Megan Leavey & Rex

Thursday May 15th, 9/8c PM

Zeke and Cpl. Ty Meik

Thursday May 15th, 8/7c PM

Dan Traeder & Remy

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