Top Shot

Top Shot

Gun fire, explosives, muskets, crossbows, mortar fire, bazookas and $100,000 dollars. Sixteen people go head to head on the quest to be named Top Shot. Narrowed down from three hundred and fifty, America’s sharpest shooters put their skills to the test, competing in a variety of challenges all designed to assess marksmanship. With each new day, contestants face heart pounding, ear splitting, nail-biting challenges aimed to eliminate those without a shot. From hand guns to bazookas, sights are set on the prize in this explosive competition series.


  • Host: Colby Donaldson
    Host: Colby Donaldson

    Host: Colby Donaldson

    Host: Colby Donaldson

    Actor and adventurer Colby Donaldson, widely known as the record-breaking runner-up of Survivor: The Australian Outback, most recently appeared in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. He has been seen on many other TV mainstays, including Bones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Just Shoot Me, Rachael Ray and Reba, as well as in Wes Craven’s 2005 thriller Red Eye.

    A self-taught welder and metal fabricator, Colby owns a hot rod restoration business, which he started after graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in business marketing.

    A competitive athlete, Colby particularly enjoys water skiing and mountain biking. His experience with guns and hunting began in rural West Texas, where he was born and raised. And that’s exactly where you’ll find him when he’s not working in California. “Life is all about balance,” he says. “The best way for me to offset the L.A. hustle is to load up my dog and head to the ranch to spend some quality time with my family, friends and Mother Nature.”


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