Treetop Cat Rescue

Treetop Cat Rescue

Every day in Western Washington State, wily felines scale massive trees only to find themselves stranded high off the ground. Skilled tree climbers Shaun Sears and Tom Otto are prepared to do whatever it takes to get these cats down and reunite them with their owners. Shaun and Tom, brothers-in-law and tree arborists, run Canopy Cat Rescue, a highly skilled, two-man operation trained to climb dangerously tall trees to save desperate, stranded cats. Over the past two years, they have rescued nearly 500 kitties from treetops as high as 165 feet.

Hooked in with top climbing gear, Shaun and Tom face hazards ranging from buzzing beehives, dead branches and unpredictable weather. Each cat is different, and no two rescues are ever the same. Tom and Shaun must channel their inner kitty to coax the frightened felines out of potentially climbing higher.

With determination and some “meow-meow talk”, Tom and Shaun lure the cats to safety and reunite them with thankful and relieved owners. Working off donations only, Canopy Cat Rescue relies heavily on its social media network and other supporters to continue providing this service to the cat owners of the greater Seattle area.


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