Meet the Killer Contact Investigators

Meet the Killer Contact Investigators

We’re 2 weeks away from the premiere of Killer Contact, our new show for Syfy that follows a team of investigators as they research the otherworldly activity at historical sites and explore the gruesome back story of the infamous individuals linked to each location.

Investigations focus on historical figures including Jack the Ripper (London), Dracula-inspiration Vlad the Impaler (Romania) and the bloodthirsty Borgias (Italy).

Before the premiere, get to know our team of experts.

The Point Man: Austin – Austin leads the team with nine intensive years of paranormal investigations. Ambitious and driven, he will do his best to debunk and solve mysteries this December.

* Freakishly acute sense of hearing
* Advanced knowledge of all paranormal investigative tech equipment
* Extensive experience with electrical & plumbing from his years flipping houses
* Well-traveled and knowledgeable of many world cultures


The Antagonizer: Greg – The disgruntled spirits that our investigators pursue need a reason to come out. Greg gives that to them!

* Founder & Leader of “The Ghost Bros” supernatural group
* Very skilled at using the thermal imaging camera
* Investigating for the past 9 years


The Tech Guru: Hector – These ghosts don’t stand a chance when Hector’s the man behind the technology.

* Organized “to the teeth” — loves coordination & pre-planning
* Professional tech training from IT background
* Expert in setting up cameras on site for investigations
* 7 years paranormal investigative experience


The Brain: Adam – Adam’s the brains behind the operation. His career as an investigative journalist helps him bring a new point of view to the Killer Contact team.

* Avid researcher with a background in investigative journalism
* Trained with audio/video equipment
* 11 years of paranormal investigative experience (on a team and solo)
* Speaks just enough German to “order dinner and insult locals”


The Role Player: Molly – Meet Molly, the Killer Contact team’s resident role player.


* Member of Tri-State Paranormal of Northern Kentucky
* Conducts independent investigations
* Has a background in research and statistics – enjoys reading about locations
* Bachelors degree in Psychology
* Experience with infrared cameras, digital voice recorders, EMF detectors, K2 meters



Check out a preview of Killer Contact, premiering Dec. 4 at 10/9c on Syfy.