Miss D’s Top 5 Reasons To Watch The Dancing Dolls’ “Bring It!” Live Tour


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Bring It! Live is coming to the Au-Rene Theater at The Broward Center on Saturday, July 30th! Catch Miss D & the Dancing Dolls from Lifetime’s Bring It! performing never before seen routines live onstage. Tickets at Ticketmaster.com. Featuring audience participation, an engaging Q&A with the cast, and plenty of behind the scenes lowdown & dancing, Bring It! Live is coming July 30th to the Au-Rene Theater at The Broward Center!

Today, check out Miss D’s top five reasons you should buy tickets to see her Dancing Dolls all summer long on her Bring It! Live Tour:

Reason 1: It’s Live!

The first reason you should go out and see the Bring It! Live Tour is because it’s going to showcase live, on-stage, action-packed choreography. It’s going to showcase a lot of entertainment.

Reason 2: In Your Face

The second reason is because it’s going to be an upfront and personal view and have never-before-seen audience participation. A lot of times on tours you sometimes get crowd participation but not a lot. What we’re going to be doing with audiences is very, very different.

Reason 3: Meet Us

The third reason is because you get an opportunity to meet the girls up close and personal. You’ll be able to have a conversation with them, you’re going to meet me and get to know us a little bit. It’s going to leave you wanting to know more and more about not only Miss D and the Dancing Dolls but about the actual show.

Reason 4: Family Time

The fourth reason is because it’s going to give you a whole family feeling. You’re going to understand what “Bring It!” is all about, who the Dancing Dolls are, who Miss D is and it’s going to give you a whole different outlook on the show. I think people fail to realize how gifted these kids are. When you look at TV shows and reality TV, you think “Oh, that’s not real” but these kids work hard.

Reason 5: It’s Hard Work

When it comes to “Bring It!”, these are children that are competing on a competitive level in an in-your-face genre. It’s entertaining. It’s really going to be audience participation like no other and there’s going to be things happening at this tour that’s not going to be like anything else you’ve seen for.