Big Praise for 1620 Media Doc ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’

This weekend saw the West Coast premiere of Pilgrim Media Group and 1620 Media’s new documentary feature, Wolfman’s Got Nards. The film tells the story of little-known 1980s creature feature, The Monster Squad. Despite bombing in the box office, the movie became a word-of-mouth cult hit and changed the lives of thousands of fans across the globe. Directed by the star of The Monster Squad, Andre Gower, Wolfman’s is a love letter to those fans and anyone who has ever felt like an excluded oddball.

And it’s clear from the reaction that the fans have lots of love to give back! Not only has the documentary been universally praised at a dozen film festivals (including an Audience Award win at the Overlook Film Festival,) but it sold out this week’s premiere at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Playing as a double feature with The Monster Squad, the event was accompanied by a Q and A with the director of the original film, Fred Dekker, many of the cast members and the filmmakers behind the documentary.

“By rights, Wolfman’s Got Nards should probably be over three hours long. There’s so much to cover, and Gower and his crew do an astounding job of being as thorough as possible,” said Kyle Anderson, critic for “The documentary… is a celebration of gathering together with other outsiders.”

Wolfman’s tour continues with screenings in New York, Massachusetts, the UK, Barcelona and Ireland with more events being added weekly to our official site.

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