‘FIN’ Comes to Discovery+ Today! See the First Reviews!

‘FIN’ Comes to Discovery+ Today! See the First Reviews!

From visionary director Eli Roth and Pilgrim Media Group comes a new feature documentary.

What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Join Eli Roth in Pilgrim Media Group’s latest feature documentary, FIN, as he travels the globe with a group of scientists, researchers, and activists on a mission to uncover and expose a massive criminal undertaking that has led to the slaughtering of millions of sharks. 

Together, we will spread awareness about how the massacre of the shark population impacts our oceans and leads to devastating environmental damage to the entire planet. The reason they are killed? Primarily so their fins can be used in soup…

“Renowned Hollywood director Eli Roth was destined to make FIN,” says Showtimes.com’s Alexandra Heilbron.

The documentary also features stunning imagery from master photographer Michael Muller. “For all its sobering reporting and imagery, “Fin” also has moments of pure beauty,” says of the Chicago Sun.

Stream the film Infamous Horrors is calling “A masterclass in documentary filmmaking” today on Discovery+.

For more info or to watch the trailer go to finthemovie.com!