Garage Rehab Returns – Tuesday, January 8th

We’re excited to announce that new episodes of Garage Rehab are just around the corner! In the hit Discovery series, Richard Rawlings, owner of the auto super-giant, Gas Monkey Garage, travels the country with his crew of engineers to set struggling garages on the right path. With project manager Russell J. Holmes and his trusted consultant Chris Stephens, Richard will scour the country for the garages  in the most dire need of his expertise.

This year, the boys from Gas Monkey take on their most gratifying job to-date: a veteran-run garage that teaches automotive repair skills to men and women transitioning out of military service. Richard couldn’t be happier to be helping out such an important cause!

Garage Rehab returns to Discovery Channel on Tuesday, January 8th at 8pm for a special two-hour premiere. The subsequent episodes will premiere every Tuesday at 9pm.

Check out the awesome teaser for the new season below.