‘Giving Voice’ One of the Top 15 Movies to Premiere at Sundance – New Reviews from the Festival

As more and more reviews for the new documentary feature come in from Sundance Film Festival, it’s clear that Giving Voice is a heartwarming winner. The film, directed by James D. Stern and Fernando Villena, follows a group of young upcoming actors competing in the 2018 August Wilson Monologue Competition. The competition celebrates the works of a lauded African American playwright who died suddenly at age 60 of cancer, while lifting up young hopefuls in minority communities.

It “will raise your spirits and bring a tear to your eye,” said The Los Angeles Times who also placed it in their top 15 movies list from the festival. The Utah Review said of the film, “It is a stellar moment to appreciate how a playwright’s legacy is being sustained with the passion of youth who see Wilson’s work as a pillar in their formative education and motivations for developing their passions as careers.”

We’re so excited for the love and praise the film is getting and cannot wait to show it to the world!