It’s Shark Week’s Main Event! Tyson vs. Jaws

Mike Tyson is back in the ring and he’s facing his fiercest competitor yet –  a shark! Shark Week 2020’s main event is Tyson Vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef! Former heavyweight champ Tyson will “face off” with the ocean’s apex predator and he’s doing it all in the name of science! With special guest legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer following the action in real time this special is sure to be a one hit KO!

“I took on this challenger to overcome fears I still deal with in life,” Tyson said. “I equate this with overcoming my fear of getting back into the ring at 54 years old. I learned from this experience doing Shark Week that whatever intimidates me, I am still able to step up to the challenge of overcoming anything that would prevent me from accomplishing my life’s mission of reaching my highest potential in life and bringing me closer to God.”

Tyson Vs. Jaws airs Sunday, August 9th at 9pm on Discovery!

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