Pilgrim Acquires Film and TV Rights For ‘The Kiss Quotient’

Craig Piligian and Pilgrim Media Group were happy to announce the acquisition of film and TV rights for the bestselling novel, The Kiss Quotient.

“We are so excited to bring Helen’s exceptional novel to the big screen,” said Piligian. “The Kiss Quotient gives us a protagonist not often seen in romantic comedies, and it does so in a fun, heartfelt, and thoroughly human way that everyone can relate to.”

The hit novel, written by Helen Hoang, follows a brilliant woman with Asperger’s syndrome, something very personal for Hoang. In 2016, Hoang was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, also known as Asperger syndrome, and her experience inspired her to write the book.

In The Kiss Quotient, Silicon Valley econometrician Stella Lane finds herself in a quandary that mathematics can’t solve. Her parents think it’s time for her to start thinking about marriage – a prospect that means dating… and sex. Aside from the fact that Stella’s idea of a good time is spending weekends at the office with a shiny new dataset, she also has Asperger’s, a type of autism that makes it difficult to socialize, communicate, and enjoy physical contact. Stella’s solution? She needs a professional. But when Stella hires strikingly handsome male escort Michael Phan to guide her through everything from foreplay to fantasies, their no-nonsense business arrangement starts making a strange kind of sense, leading Stella to discover that love is the best kind of logic.

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