Pilgrim Tackles the Romcom Genre

EW reports that Hollywood is looking for a new direction to revitalize romcom movies. There’s a new, huge demand for the romance novel, a subgenre which has long been overlooked as less serious than other works under the same umbrella.

Pilgrim is at the forefront of this new wave with the acquisition of Helen Hoang’s novel, The Kiss Quotient. The book follows a young woman on the autism spectrum, a storyline close to home for Hoang who was diagnosed in 2016. Stella Lane has her whole life boiled down to a serious of math equations. When her parents insist that she starts her search for a husband, Stella comes at the problem the only way she knows how: by enlisting the help of an expert. Enter Michael Phan, an escort who has agreed to show her the ropes. But soon she learns to crave the way he makes her feel and she learns that love is the best kind of logic…

With The Kiss Quotient, Pilgrim Media Group looks to take the romcom world by storm when the adaptation hits theaters.

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