Seattle Times Climbs Aboard the Battlefish Bandwagon

Pilgrim’s first Netflix series is already proving itself to be a hit. Following the rough lives of the fishermen and women of the Pacific Northwest, the series has been really making a splash with the fans who demand a second season. But the press is taking notice too! The Seattle Times’ Tantri Wija wrote an article this week in which she interviewed Executive Producer, Mike Nichols, and called the show “bingeable.”

“What’s interesting about these guys is they could have cared less about doing this show,” says Nichols about the series. “A lot of times people jump at the chance. But all of them were like, ‘OK, all right, maybe’. We had to chase a few of them around, especially the [crew of the] TNT. They were like, ‘Ah, we’re too busy fishing.’ And then we talked to them and met them and they said, ‘OK, you can put a camera guy on the boat.’ It made such a difference, they weren’t mugging for the camera. We were fitting into their world, versus them trying to fit into ours.”

All eight episodes of season one are now streaming on Netflix.

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