‘Soufra’ is Singapore’s Most Anticipated Documentary Film

As it prepares for its Asian premiere September 1st and 2nd at the Capitol Theatre in Singapore, the Pilgrim documentary Soufra has become the most highly-anticipated film of the year.

Directed by award-winner filmmaker Thomas Morgan, the film follows Mariam Shaar, a Palestinian refugee who has spent her life in Beirut’s Burj El Barajneh refugee camp. The feature film chronicles Mariam’s awe-inspiring movement to create SOUFRA, a catering company and her tumultuous journey to expand it into a successful food-truck business alongside a dynamic team of fellow refugee women.

Suraj Upadhiah, CEO, Co-Founder of Air Amber and Managing Director of Rebelhouse Asia has planned a beautiful premiere event including many dishes pulled straight from the Soufra Cookbook.  He believes the event will present an uplifting perspective of hope seen through the discovery of capacity in the most unlikely of circumstances – where human dignity is seen beyond provision of just needs but instead is experienced through the potentialities of our ability to reach out to another. The story of Soufra and the Social Impact Market is a testament to this conviction.”

Tickets for the premiere, including a Q&A with the director, Thomas Morgan, as well as other guests, can be found at: http://www.apactix.com/events/detail/the-asian-premiere-of-soufra

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