Take a Look Behind the Scenes at the Ultimate Surfer Ranch!

The Los Angeles Times got a sneak peak at the state-of-the-art facility behind The Ultimate Surfer.

This week The Los Angeles Times’  Allen J. Schaben was granted an exclusive look behind the curtain at Kelly Slater’s Ultimate Surfer ranch as well as the production of the show.

The facility boasts a a 700m x 150m pool that can generate real waves on command. If that weren’t impressive enough it’s been built in Lemoore, California, approximately 100 miles from the nearest shore!

The Ultimate Surfer team has been hard at work putting together TV’s next epic competition series, despite several setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out these and even more photos at The Los Angeles Times website and tune in for the second half of our two night premiere tonight at 10pm on ABC!