The Reviews Are In: ‘Ghost Hunters’ Reboot is a Hit!

The biggest paranormal investigation series of all time, Ghost Hunters, is back with a two-hour premiere tonight at 8pm on A&E, but before the show returns from the dead, it’s already receiving rave reviews! “Ghost Hunters is a true standout and that can be noticed in its first episode for one simple reason — it’s never overdone. Sure, it’s all shiny and new with sharpened graphics, fancy equipment, and a new proficient team, but it is infectiously fun, honest and straightforward with its objective in helping people uncover what more really lies beyond ourselves,” says’s Tania Hussain. “For the nostalgic viewers, it’s like an old friend returning.”

The show follows original series team leader, Grant Wilson, who’s back with a brand new team of handpicked paranormal experts. Each week they investigate one of the most haunted places in America to help people on the search for the truth. In the premiere, “School Spirit” Grant and the team head to Idaho’s Pocatello High School, a site which became national news went a video went viral allegedly showing an apparition wandering the halls and turning the lights on and off.

“Think of all the people who are sitting in their homes right now dealing with stuff they don’t understand,” said Wilson on the new series, “It’s gonna help a lot of people.”

Tune in to see what they find when the show premieres tonight at 8pm on A&E!

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