UFOs Declassified: LIVE – Tonight!!

Are we really alone in this universe???  Tune in to either Discovery, Science Channel, or Travel Channel this evening to watch Pilgrim’s “UFOs Declassified: LIVE” to find out what the experts think about that question.   
While that long-awaited government report of unidentified aerial phenomenas was just released to the public – after the denial of their existence – we are left wondering, does it really tell us who or what’s out there?  Certainly not!  Even with its nine pages, there remain far more questions than answers.  Many of those questions will be addressed during tonight’s program. 
“Lack of data” is the reason we’ve been given by our government for unexplained sightings.  Host Josh Gates will dig deep into the data that does exist, and the excuses we’ve been given, when he talks with NASA administrator Bill Nelson, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Obama’s former counselor John Podesta, and retired senior intelligence officer Bob Wallace, to name a few. With contributions from astrophysicists, astronomers, intelligence historians, “UFOs Declassified: LIVE” will analyze incidents spanning the past 20 years. 
The “UFOs Declassified: LIVE” production team is lead by Craig Piligian, Nicholas Caprio, Mike Nichols, Leigh Purinton, and Eddie Delbridge (it’s like a reunion of The Runner team!). 
The three-hour live event kicks off tonight at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.  We hope you will watch and enjoy the show!