‘Ultimate Surfer’ Headed to ABC – A Success in Production During the Age of COVID

ABC’s next hit series, Ultimate Surfer is a perfect template of how television can still be produced during quarantine. Currently shooting in Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Kings County, California, the show pits up and coming surfers against each other for the chance to compete on the World Surf League Tour. Slater, a surfing legend, headlines the show.

It was “logistically a bear of a show,” said Nicholas Caprio, Chief Content Officer at Pilgrim Media Group during a HRTS virtual panel session. “Every person who came up was put in a hotel and tested. When they got negative, they could go inside the ranch and tested them again a week later. That included anyone who came in whether it was a judge or talent. It was really tough because it was really hot and really dusty. Just because they had two clean tests, we still had to take all of the precautions with masks and stations.”

Despite the complications, production is running at full steam with the complete support of ABC.

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