Pilgrim of the Week: Brent Owens, Manager of Business and Legal Affairs

Pilgrim of the Week: Brent Owens, Manager of Business and Legal Affairs

Every great company has a team of great people behind it and at Pilgrim we’re lucky to have the best. Meet Pilgrim of the Week, Brent Owens, Manager of Business and Legal Affairs. Brent is one of our in-house attorneys who negotiates talent, producer and network agreements. Learn more about Brent’s role, his favorite Pilgrim show and the coolest project we have in the works:

What do you do at Pilgrim?

I am one of the in-house attorneys here at Pilgrim. I am responsible for the legal matters on a number of the shows we have on the air and I also negotiate talent, producer, and network agreements.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on?

The coolest project I’ve worked on here is Garage Rehab. I’ve always enjoyed rehab/makeover shows and I was able to work on that show essentially from when it was ordered through the entire first season.

Describe yourself in 3 emojis.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week, either at work or outside of it?

The best thing that happened to me this week at work was finally closing a deal that I had been negotiating for months. Felt great to get it closed and moving forward.

Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know_____.

I love sports of all kinds, especially golf and football, and I’m a sucker for romantic comedies!

What’s your favorite Pilgrim show?

Although it hasn’t aired yet, Garage Rehab is already my favorite show. I’ve enjoyed working with the entire production team and from the pilot and other shots I’ve seen, it’s going to be a fantastic show.

Who do you nominate for Pilgrim feature and why?

I nominate Rebecka Biejo for Pilgrim feature because not only is she incredibly smart and assertive, she’s also kind and always willing to drop what she’s doing to answer a question or assist her colleagues.

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