Pilgrim of the Week: Dakota Bloom, Researcher

Pilgrim of the Week: Dakota Bloom, Researcher

At Pilgrim Studios, we only do amazing stuff! From your favorite reality shows including Nat Geo’s “Wicked Tuna” and Lifetime’s “Bring It“, to our digital channel, 1620 Media, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without the awesome team we work with everyday. This week, we’re spotlighting Dakota Bloom as the Pilgrim of the Week. Dakota takes us behind the scenes of what he does as a researcher here in Pilgrim Studios:

What do you do at Pilgrim?

I am a Researcher for our Digital and Development , and I cover a few different areas. One major area is heading up our social media analytics and advertising initiatives. I have taken point on using new tools to help understand our online audience. Another major area is providing research support to both Development and Digital; this can be help developing a show, finding a brand partner, or hunting down an expert in a field. Finally, I help keep them up to date about how field we are interested, like VR technology, are doing.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on?

Sadly, I can’t talk about many of them. Because my research tends to come at the very beginning of projects, and I have only been here for 6 months, most of the coolest things I have worked on are still in Development. Others would likely bore you stiff, like me rhapsodizing over how our new social media tools makes analytics and reporting easier.

One cool ongoing project is finding interesting places for our travel web-series to shoot at. As a result, I get to find awesome bars, weird events, and funky local landmarks for our talent to feature across the country. The upside is I have travel ideas for much of the world. The downside is that my bucket list has grown apace.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week, either at work or outside of it?

It was kind of simple, and may sound boring/aggressively nerdy. But I had a lovely time hanging out with my best friend and his father last night. The Olympics were on, my friend was building a beautiful model Lotus, and life was good. His father and I were talking about how world history changed the way that cars were built and why, and how that in turn impacted world history. I love both history and feedback loops, so it was a fascinating conversation.

Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know_____.

Most things, to be honest. I’m about a 90% open book, so if I meet anyone who reads this, ask away. That, and I’m down to DM any roleplaying game. Any Stars Without Number or Changeling: The Lost fans, hit me up.

Who do you nominate for Pilgrim feature and why?

Haley Dodd. She’s skilled, smart, and funny, yet she plays her cards close to her chest. Should be an interesting interview.