Pilgrim of the Week: Toni Postell, Executive Assistant

Pilgrim of the Week: Toni Postell, Executive Assistant

This week for the Pilgrim of the Week, we’re featuring Toni Postell. From assisting Pilgrim’s Legal and Post-Production Departments to knowing all the best events in Los Angeles, Toni helps make it all happen behind the scenes at Pilgrim.  Toni shares her favorite projects, the best things that have happened to her this week and more.  Learn more about our awesome Pilgrim of the Week:

What do you do at Pilgrim?
I am the Executive Assistant to the best Legal and Post-Production Departments ever! I have worked here for over a year and I can truly say it is great to work for a team like Pilgrim.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on?

During the holidays, you would think it would be Egg Nog and Christmas Carols. Not at Pilgrim. You not only get the   mariachi band playing past your desk and around the building BUT you get Tacos and Churros while laughing and enjoying   the conversations amongst others in the Pilgrim team. The best part is the raffle and costume contests towards the end. You really see the creativity people put into their costumes.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week, either at work or outside of it?
When Solange dropped her new “A Seat At the Table” album. I have listened to the album everyday since its release.


Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know_____.

That I am the most random person you will ever meet. I swear I try not to be funny. But the way my life is set up…it is never a dull moment when you meet me. If I am able to make someone smile or laugh, then I have done my job.

Who do you nominate for Pilgrim feature and why?

I nominate Lynae Davis because she is caring and you should get to know her. That is all.