SXSW Interactive – Digital Trend Highlights

SXSW Interactive – Digital Trend Highlights

During the next four days, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes of SXSW, four immersive days of technology, film and music in downtown Austin, Texas. From upcoming trends in the digital world to emerging technology and premiere films, speakers from top industries will share their insights in entertainment, television and film.

Here are the top insights we learned while covering the SXSW Interactive Panels:

“Almost 40% of mobile website visitors abandon a site at 3 seconds of delay” – Helen Crossley, Facebook Researcher

When marketers understand what matters to people, they can be what matters to their core customer. Facebook IQ is doing research in how what impacts consumer behavior with a keen understanding that consumers’ value money, time and choice. With 40% of mobile website visitors abandoning a site at 3 seconds of delay, it’s imperative to have content is mobile-friendly.

“If it doesn’t make people care, share or swear, it’s boring.” – Sarah Evans, Digital Strategist for Paypal

What’s the key to creating top notch content that people care about? Finding the sweet spot between audience interest and brand goals. As Sarah Evans, Digital Strategist for Paypal mentions, if content doesn’t make people care, share or swear, it’s boring. We noticed this insight to be particularly true in our viral video: Walter and Julia. People emotionally connected to seeing the love and bond between Walter and Julia. It spoke a universal language: Love.

Additionally, brands win when they create native ads that offer value. For example, Buzzfeed creates sponsored posts from advertisers. From short articles to lists, these articles offer a unique tie-in to the interest of their target demographic. For example, Hallmark’s featured BuzzFeed post featured a list of holiday traditions, with a mention of using Hallmark ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. At the end of the article, there was a link featuring Hallmark’s products. The variety of native ads can include reviews, editorial content and also infographics, all of which provide valuable information that interests the reader.

“Timeliness matters. Timestamp doesn’t.” – Lymari Morales, Managing Director of The Atlantic

Finding new ways to recycle your existing content matters. From reaching a new audience, or repurposing content to extend your reach, great content is never forgotten. What content was the most popular? How can you repurpose this into your editorial calendar?  Repurposing content helps in boosting your SEO, while gaining authority in your industry. Make sure to create content in multiple formats to boost traction.

“75% of people take action based on what they see on Instagram.” – Michael Hondorp, Brand Development of Instagram

With over 600 million users, Instagram is the 2nd largest platform behind Facebook. From curated content to real life moments, Instagram is a place for inspiration and discovery. Michael Hondorp, retail lead for Instagram discussed the importance of marketers in converting inspiration and discovery to action. “In order to stand out, a brand has to fit in,” he mentions, while discussing the importance of how to fit content into the context of Instagram creative.

What qualities did the most shareable Instagram post have? They all were visually appealing with a clear call to action. For example, Samsung mobile created an ad that featured the new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphones. The ad presented a simplified product demonstration with a clever caption that invoked emotion such as laughter or happiness.

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